The castle of Francorchamps is located in an old Jesuit farm of 1780 rebuilt on the ruins of the old castle in rubble stones that was destroyed by the earthquake of 1755. This place was at the time called the « fange à crouly » which in local patois meant the fagne where something had fallen, in this case the castle.

The castle would have housed the Court of Justice Francorchamps.

From 1780 and its reconstruction, the Jesuit monks who lived there provided fruits and vegetables at the abbey of Stavelot. In 1794, they were driven out by French troops during the revolution.

The building became a private farm separated between several owners. In 1974, Robert and Nadine Coeckelbergs bought part of the building in poor condition and turned it into a private dwelling.


On April 1, 1979, they opened a restaurant « Le Relais du Crouly » which offers only snacks of yesteryear in the afternoon. As early as 1983, a gastronomic orientation was given to the restaurant under the hand of the blue cordon Nadine, which draws its inspiration from Belgian recipes from old grimoires.


From 1985, the development of a few hotel rooms began and the first drivers of Formula 1 began to frequent the establishment. Patrick Nève de Mévergnies and Stefan Bellof are the first stars of the hotel. The son of the house Régis Coeckelbergs took over the establishment with his mother in 1990. Major exterior work took place in 1998 with the development of a large garden, swimming pool, paved alleyways and a secure gate.


In 2004, acquisition of the old main building of 1780 in the extension of the hotel, thus allowing the recomposition of a significant part of the old domain. Renovation of it with the creation of some additional rooms, a nice seminar room. Wonderful open monumental fire of time, and old oak floors including that of the room of the buffet breakfast which sheltered at the time the room of the Jesuits. 2009 will see the creation of a billiard space and a lounge bar dedicated to the circuit with unique pieces of collections collected since childhood by Régis.


Spring 2014, renovation of all rooms with a decoration dedicated 100% to motorsports. In November 2015, Régis managed to acquire the last part of the original house recreating the heritage complex with a frontage of 75m long facing south. It renovates all with new rooms authe.